The Designer Debate | Whirl Magazine

You’ve made the decision to renovate, update, or redesign your home. The task seems intimidating, and just as overwhelming is the debate over whether to choose a designer, and everything that comes with it. How do you choose? Who do you choose? How much will it cost? Relax — we’ve reached out to Cristy Cummings, director of TH Trade, who took these very important questions directly to the people who know best — the designers themselves.

Why Choose to work with an interior designer?

I believe that it’s important for the homeowner to do it correctly the first time — and not waste time and money trying. So many times, I’ve heard stories from my clientele as to how they didn’t quite get a design correct within their homes: The scale of furniture wasn’t correct, and the paint color wasn’t what they thought it would be. I do large-scale memo boards for every paint color within a home prior to the room being painted, so that the client knows exactly what that color will look like upon completion, and I’m a National Color & Design Consultant for PPG Pittsburgh Paints.

What are some of the problems a designer can solve?

A true, educated interior designer is a wealth of information concerning design/building codes, ergonomic space that’s needed within a home, and countless other implementations needed to execute a proper interior design. It’s hard for anyone who is not educated in this particular field to know all the specifications, just as I wouldn’t know what to do in their particular field.

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