Step Into Christmas – 12 Ways To Get Seasonal With Your Staircase


Even the biggest Christmas Scrooge can’t help but be a teeny bit excited once the Christmas decorations start going up. Love them or hate them, there is no denying that a little bit of glitz and sparkle can transform your home and enhance that all important Christmas spirit.

You don’t have to restrict the magic and sparkle to the tree, take inspiration from the big American blockbusters and give your staircase the festive treatment. Unless you are aiming to transform your home into a National Lampoon scale winter wonderland, it is possible to deck your halls tastefully, and the less is more approach to Christmas can often be just as impactful.

Here we look at 12 stylish ways to add a little festive flair to your staircase.

1. It’s all about tradition

If you are going traditional with your décor at Christmas, red and green is likely to feature heavily, along with the obligatory holly, spruce and sprigs of mistletoe.

Tartans, candy stripes and polka dot ribbons also mix in well with this theme, as do gold and silver details. This traditionally dressed staircase was designed by Karolyn R. Spagnolo, owner of Karolyn used the following materials to create this amazing Christmas look:

“The Christmas décor was created with a traditional nod, using Candied Fruit, White Pine Mixed Greens, Feathers and Gemstone embellishments.”

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